Frequently asked questions

Amazon allows anyone to sell Amazon's products, via Amazon Associates, and will give you up to 15% of the value for doing so. Anyone can be an Amazon Associate and it is completely free to join.

Here are the links to join Amazon Associates for different countries:

Anyone - there are no requirements for being an Amazon Associate. Simply fill out your details to create your account and you can start earning money immediately. Full instructions for creating your account are included in our training guides.

No - joining the Amazon associate program is free.

You can choose to receive either a Cheque, a Bank Transfer payment direct from Amazon or Amazon gift certificates.

Amazon send payments automatically every month.

Fresh Store Builder makes promoting Amazon products easy while avoiding the problems with other solutions:

  • Super Easy - Start Your Store in Minutes
  • Your Visitors Will Shop on Your Site and Add to Basket on Your Site
  • Cookies are expanded to 90 days
  • Checkout Handled Seamlessly by Amazon
  • Customers and Orders Entirely Managed For You
  • Full Template Control - Edit All Files and CSS Directly
  • Fully Search Engine Optimized
  • Completely Customisable Products - Avoid the Duplicate Content Filter
  • Create your own Category Structure
  • The Script is Yours - Host it on Your Server
  • Established and Stable Software
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Mastermind Forum Full of Advice and Help

After over 5 years of development Fresh Store Builder offers more features, more value and more stability than any alternative.

Yes, Fresh Store Builder complies to the Amazon Associates Terms of Service. Each time Amazon updates its terms of service we ensure that our software remains compliant.

Yes, you will need a hosting account and a domain name to run a Fresh Store Builder store. We recommend Fresh Website Hosting which is fully optimised for Fresh Store Builder stores.

Yes - we have super fast and fully optimized website hosting at Important: We also offer an all in one Fresh Store Builder + Hosting solution (with 1 click installs and upgrades) which you can find out more information about here.

Yes, you can install Fresh Store Builder on your own hosting as long as it conforms to our hosting requirements which can be found at

No, Fresh Store Builder is a stand-alone piece of software that does not require WordPress, however it can be installed alongside a WordPress installation.

You can use Fresh Store Builder on any of the following Amazon locales.

No, a store can only have one locale, however you can set up country redirect which will provide the visitor with a link to a store/site for their locale. Alternatively you can install multiple stores on one domain (within a subfolder) for different locales. Click here for more information.

As long as the product is listed on Amazon you can use custom URLs to direct the user to any website, including other affiliate sites. The product must be listed on Amazon in order for it to be initially listed.

You can add your own products to your Fresh Store Builder store as long as they are listed on the Amazon locale you have selected. You can not, however, use Fresh Store Builder as a full ecommerce solution - the user will be redirected to Amazon to complete the purchase.

No. You do not have to pay for or hold any stock. All purchases are made directly through Amazon.

No. Once the user clicks checkout they are directed to Amazon to finalise their order. Any communications from here on in should be directed to Amazon.

The only things required for running a store are a valid Fresh Store Builder license, website hosting and a domain name.

You can add as many as you want but we recommend starting with less than 50. We provide full training and recommendations on how to start your store in the members area.

Yes - we are 100% sure that you will love Fresh Store Builder and as such we give you a risk free way to try it out. Simply notify us within 30 days that you no longer want to use Fresh Store Builder and we will issue you a 100% refund.

You will receive free upgrades for the current version of Fresh Store Builder as they are released. We support the current version with bug fixes and necessary upgrades for at least 12 months.

For upgrading to the next major version of Fresh Store Builder a fee applies.

We have built Fresh Store Builder from the ground up with search engines in mind and as such is 100% Search Engine Friendly with automatic SEO features.

Additionally we provide multiple ways to add unique content to your website, which is beneficial to high rankings in search engines. We recommend starting your store with a minimum of 5 pages of unique content (e.g. the homepage, 2 categories and 2 article/content pages) and to continue adding content regularly.

Fresh Store Builder was established as a solution available only to a select few customers in 2007. In 2010 we became publicly available and have been growing and improving ever since.

We are a close team who are committed to continuing the development of Fresh Store Builder and we are proud to say we will be continuing this project for many, many years to come.

Fresh Store Builder was created by Carey Baird, who has 10+ years of experience with internet development and technologies, and is continually developed by a team distributed throughout the globe (find out more about our team on the About Us page).

This software is owned and produced by the company Fresh Development who produce other software and services.

You will not get any penalties simply by using the Fresh Store Builder software. However if you use Fresh Store Builder (or any other software such as WordPress) to create websites with no content, duplicate content, spammy intentions etc. then you may be penalised.

We provide full training and guidance to ensure you are not violating any Google policies with your stores.

We have a minimum selling price and more details can be found at the reseller page.

You can add adsense adverts to your store by adding the HTML code. Many of our users use Adsense on their stores and we have not had any reports of this violating the Amazon or Adsense terms & conditions providing the store is content rich.